Today we are talking about the value of protecting your profits during uncertain times. Listen as Rodney and Eric discuss variable rate seeding, managing your input costs, using learning blocks to better understand your fields, and other related topics.

“In tough years, it’s even more important to manage your inputs and to maximize profit. Way too often, I hear people want to maximize yield and, obviously, the more bushels you have, the more you have to sell. But if it costs you too much to raise, you might not have increased your profitability by increasing yield.” – Eric Marchand

About Eric: Eric farms row crops Southeast of Britt, IA. He was born and raised in Britt and started farming with his dad in, roughly, 1997. He has slowly taken over the farm operation and added to it over the years using ag data to make better decisions in his fields.

About Rodney: Rodney is with SciMax Solutions, helping growers use their data to make better decisions on their operation. He has been working with Eric for a number of years on his operation.

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