There are so many new technologies, best practices and regulations. How do you know what works best on your farm? Premier Crop has created an on-farm trials format and low-risk way to test and check variable rate seeding and nutrient rates in one-to-three test acres, called Learning Blocks®. You have the ability to check if the optimal rate for that environment is higher or lower, built right into your prescription.

Learning Blocks compare the surrounding area via planting, fertilizer and other inputs. Our growers love Learning Blocks for many reasons, mostly because comparing two treated acres to four non-treated acres within a management zone is a great apples-to-apples comparison. It gives you an answer of how a product or rate worked best in that zone. Plus, the technology does all the work – you do not need to slow down planting or harvesting to learn from the data.

Learning Blocks®

An on farm trial platform and low-risk way to try different application rates in a small one to three acre areas. You also have the ability to align fertilizer and other input applications within these Blocks for more control of real-world variables.

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