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When Two Negatives Make a Positive

When we look back to 2012 it was historically dry, and 2013 started out wet and then turned dry. As some growers in the Midwest face yields below expectations, they’re
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Find Profit in Data

There is a popular reminder used in crop production to spur a sense of urgency. It goes something like this: “You only get to plant a field 40 times in
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Surrogate Data

“But how do I know if what I am seeing in my data analysis is real?” That’s a question that is not only appropriate but also healthy. For the last
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Compare Field Yields

Got data? You may be thinking, “Yes, I have plenty of it”, or maybe, “No, how do I get it?” Even if you have no precision-ag data, chances are you
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Build Your Nutrient Data

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a target on your back! Our modern crop production system is on a collision course with the non-farming public who are becoming more removed
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Cost Per Bushel

Premier Crop has been challenged by growers and industry skeptics. The recent euphoria over the value of grower’s data has been a welcome change in that more growers are starting
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