Why You Need Farm Analytics Software

We can all probably think of a product, service, or brand we feel biased towards. Then think about how you make decisions on your farming operation. Do you have any bias on how different fields respond to a certain seed, fertilizer, or crop protection product? Allowing your bias to persuade field decisions can be very costly and frustrating. Your knowledge of your own farm is invaluable. Using farm analytics can enhance your decision making by removing or challenging the bias with objective analysis.

I am guilty myself. It is easy to make assumptions and decisions based on previous experiences. However, using Premier Crop’s analytics platform, you can begin to dissect the different yield environments on your fields.


You can start anywhere. Do you have computers or hard-drives full of unused files or binders full of printed maps? Organizing and analyzing this data, and using it to make more informed decisions could be the biggest ROI on your farm.  You don’t have to be an expert on computers or an IT wizard, all you need is a trusted partner to help take the complexity out of your data so you can validate or challenge your own assumptions in order to optimize profit. Looking to read further about how to start using the data you’ve already collected? Download our Five Steps to Get Started Guide.


A traditional field agronomist who is providing scouting services and making product recommendations is still a valuable resource for your operation. The difference between an Agronomist and a Precision Ag Specialist is that an Agronomist has years of experience scouting for and monitoring the physical characteristics of your fields. A Precision Ag Specialist can take those physical characteristics and visualize them over your field and compare them to see how ALL of the layers are working together.  When you combine the two with a powerful farm analytics platform, you can really increase your return on investment!

I once had an experience working with a grower and his agronomist reviewing yield maps and grid sample data. During the discussion, the agronomist looked at me and said “You know, I have been scouting these fields for 20 years, and in one hour, you have just identified many of the key issues I have spent years identifying by presenting his data in an organized fashion and bringing these data layers together.”


At Premier Crop we focus heavily on PROVING what you’re doing on your farm. We frequently encounter a situation where a grower has been frustrated with precision ag in the past. Their frustrations come from the fact that there is not a good analysis of the precision practices being  implemented. One example we commonly see, and have proven, is a $100/acre swing in profit by increasing yield and saving seed with variable rate seeding, simply by optimizing the seeding rate to unique areas of the field. The dollars that are left on the table can be shocking if you’re not implementing VR Seed and VR fertility practices, AND verifying “it works” by marrying your agronomics to the economics.


Implementing a farm management system that organizes your most important farm information in one place can be eye-opening at first. You might be surprised that your original biases, thoughts, and intuitions may not have been as “true” as you thought. Premier Crop Systems simplifies and visualizes where to best spend your input dollar and how it can improve profits across all of your acres. We use Yield Efficiency to determine much is left to pay land and management after your costs are subtracted from total revenue.  Below you will see our Yield Efficiency by field across your farm. With this metric, we help growers determine which fields are making the most money.

Premier Crop Systems is proud to be the leading farm analytics platform since 1999. We continue to advance and improve alongside our partners and growers on a daily basis. Together, we help you gain more insight into your operation for confident and profitable decision making. Let us come alongside you to reduce the complexity and add another dimension so you can exceed your own expectations. Contact us now to schedule an information meeting.

Why do you need to start using farm analytics software? Here’s 4 reasons:

  1. Fully utilize the data you’ve already collected and use it to make decisions
  2. Take advantage of the benefits of having a team of agronomic professionals working together for your operation
  3. Optimize seeding, nutrient, and fertilizer rates to see swings in profitability and savings per acre
  4. Become confident in your decision making while reducing the complexity of data

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