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What We Do

Are you using your equipment to its fullest capability?

We help you put your precision farming investment to work. Our partners and agronomic advisors walk you through the complete process. From implementing and optimizing your prescriptions, to taking a deeply analytical look at what is working on your operation, we are there throughout the entire year as an extension of your team.


Variable Rate Implementation

Validate the Rates

It’s important to validate the rates you are applying. Premier Crop is different than any other company because we test and prove your prescriptions. We test and evaluate the optimum rates for all areas of your fields, and provide feedback on how you could make improvements. 

Every agronomic decision has an economic impact. Precision ag technology is complex. We work with you, as an extension of your farm, organizing data into one system, constantly testing and checking if our work is right and prove it pays through farm analytics.


Premier Crop is focused on your goals. We start by organizing your farm data by field, yield soil test and hundreds of other agronomic and environmental attributes into a structured database. Our agronomic support team partners with you, on your farm using your on-farm data, to make actionable decisions from your data.

Yield Efficiency Rate

Higher Efficiency in Farming

Our Yield Efficiency score is a benchmarking ROI graph that helps growers drive improvement within their operation by a visual dashboard of comparisons. Visually showing where the grower can improve in numerous different areas including profitability, seed, fertility, crop inputs and operations. 

There are many data points that need to be collected, verified, and entered to get a full-scope picture of an operation for analytics purposes. The Yield Efficiency Score takes all the collected data within each field and determines the per acre return to land and management. As we track your data year after year, we can see if your decisions lead to higher efficiency in farming, and how they affect your bottom dollar. 

Using our Yield Efficiency Score to analyze the efficiency and margin within each of your fields will provide new insights on how to better manage your operation. When combined and compared against anonymous, regional group data, you will have robust metrics for benchmarking outside of your own operation.

Resource Optimization

We go beyond proving the right rates. We built a scientific trial system, called Enhanced Learning Blocks, that can prove statistical confidence of a product’s performance in specific environments. These scientific trials enable you to test new crop production inputs in replicated trials to identify optimal input rates for your local area with minimal risk. Depending on the type of application, these treatment factors can be varied with 3-5 rates or applied as randomized on/off treatments.

Spatial Cost Analysis

After 20+ years of analyzing precision farming maps and data, we know all fields have spatial variability. Therefore, variable-rate applications of crop inputs lead to production efficiency ultimately improving your profit potential. Our partners and agronomic advisors can help you find and test the right rates for every acre in your fields.

Farm Analysis


We believe agronomy is local. Do you want to see how you compare? As part of our data system you can anonymously view data as a region or national group to understand how products perform on fields near you. We know your data is extremely valuable, and we protect it. By pooling anonymous data results we show how your products performed versus others in our database.

Product Performance Analysis

Information provided for new products or management methods are gathered from trials averaged across geographies, which may not fit your location or your farm. We believe products work in specific places and we want to help growers find them in their own fields. 

Most growers are capable and have technology to test products on their farm, but aren’t taking the final step of doing an in-depth analysis. Premier Crop offers multiple testing methods including a patented scientific approach of randomized, replicated trials executed through a prescription and harvested with your own equipment. The exciting part? You have already invested in the technology to run these trials in your own fields.

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