You want to ensure the products you purchase perform on each part of your field. Premier Crop has developed an Elite Trial Network to trial new products or validate existing products on your farm because you don’t want to rely on average data from multiple fields, in multiple states.

The purpose of our Elite Trial Network is to help growers leverage variable rate technology to execute trials with a high confidence level and little risk. We use your farm data to show you not only if a product has an overall yield increase, but specifically, what environments it performs best and where you’ll see the best return on investment next season. Most importantly, we have the tools to create scientific data and statistical confidence that will prove product performance.

Elite Trial Network

The Elite Trial Network gives growers the opportunity to connect with manufacturers and test new products with an on-farm experience. This provides anonymous group and benchmarking data to understanding how a product performs regionally or nationally.

Benchmarking and Group Data

As a part of the Elite Trial Network, you are able to understand where products perform best on fields in your region or nationally with group benchmarking data. We know your data is valuable and we  protect it anonymously. By pooling data results we show how your trial performed versus other trials in our database.

Trial Options

split treatment trial
Product Validation
product validation trial
Split Treatment
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Learning Block™
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Enhanced Learning Block


Noah Coppess, Stanwood, IA

“Their tools help my farm management practices with an unbiased solution backed by data and science so I can be more efficient in my fields. Next year, I am looking forward to using their cost per bushel tool to help with input cost management.”

Noah Coppess
Stanwood, IA

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