How can you be confident precision ag pays? How do you know you’re applying the right rates? How do you know your ultimate product performance? We are different. We constantly test and check our work. We help you test products and rates so you can continuously improve and have confidence in your data driven decisions.

Prove The Right Rates

This is where we are different, we don’t tell you what to do or use industry standards. We prove, test and check products in small one to two acres. These tests are called, Learning Blocks which are built into a variable rate prescription. If we advise you to push an input in one of area the field or cut back in another, we verify whether our advice was right using a Learning Block.  It is our goal to use the data to make continuous improvements for your operation.

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Test and Check Your Rates

We go beyond proving the right rates. We built a scientific trial system, called Enhanced Learning Blocks, that can prove statistical confidence of a products performance in specific environments. These scientific trials enable you to test new crop production inputs in replicated trials to identify optimal input rates for your local area with minimal risk. Depending on the type of application, these treatment factors can be varied with 3-5 rates or applied as randomized on/off treatments.

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