Are you using your equipment to its fullest capability? Chances are you’ve already invested in precision farming equipment in your tractors, planters, sprayers and combines. We help you put your investment to work. Our agronomic advisors walk you through the complete process. We implement and optimize your prescriptions to ensuring accurate yield data collection.

Now that you have invested in variable rate equipment, it’s important to validate the rates you are applying. This is what Premier Crop does different than any other company, we test and prove the prescription to make sure it is the right rate. Premier Crop will tell you if it is the optimum rate for that area of the field and how you need to change. We analyze the data so you can continue to farm.

Put Your Technology to Work

Surveys show that 80% of planters are capable for variable rate planting, but less than 20% of growers are using that capability.

After 20 years of analyzing precision farming maps and data we know all fields have spatial variability. Therefore, variable-rate applications of crop inputs can help with production efficiency helping you profit. Our team can help you find and test the right rates for every acre in your fields.

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