Precision ag technology is complex.  To do it right, no one can make what is complex, simple but we can make it easier. That’s what Premier Crop does – we don’t take short-cuts or pretend we have all the answers. We work with you, as an extension of your farm, organizing data into one system, constantly testing and checking if our work is right. We’re different because we don’t tell you what to do, we work with you to grow your farm with your goals as our measurement of success.

Unbiased Data Decisions

How do you trust the data analysis and advice our team gives you? We don’t sell product, we’re unbiased. We give you advice by analyzing your precision ag technology data. Turning that data into actionable decisions so you can profit in each part of your field. We accept data from any device, any color tractor or monitor. No matter what your equipment is, we help you maximize industry technology to operate efficiently and improve crop performance.

advantages of precision farming using a trusted advisor

Performance Benchmarking

Do you want to see how you compare? As part of our data system you can anonymously view data as a region or national group to understand how products perform on fields. We know your data is valuable and we protect it. By pooling anonymous data results we show how your products performed versus others in our database.

precision ag technology benchmarking