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collecting quality data

042: Gathering Quality Data w/Bethany Bielecki

This week on the Premier Podcast, we are talking with Bethany Bielecki from Greene Crop Consulting. We discuss the situations she’s experienced while getting Greene Crop’s Pay Dirt program off
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cover crops

041: Fall Tillage Practices and Cover Crops

In this episode, we speak with Josh Sponheim, Agronomic Advisor in the North Central Iowa region with Premier Crop. Josh digs in on the topic of fall tillage and whether
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yield efficiency dashboard

040: The Importance of Yield Efficiency, Group Data, and Benchmarking w/Sarah Windhorst

Sarah Windhorst is the VP of Data Services at Premier Crop. With over a decade of experience in ag data, Sarah digs in to some of the main areas to
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fall nitrogen

039: Variable Rate Fertilizer w/Kevin Kruize

Kevin Kruize, Strategic Account Manager for the Northern Region at Premier Crop Systems discusses Variable Rate Fertilizer and the options growers have to utilize it on their operation. If you
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variable rate seeding

038: Variable Rate Seeding Pays w/Matt Bowers

Today we will be discussing variable rate seeding pays to get growers better results and return in their operation. We are joined by Matt Bowers, Strategic Account Manger for Premier
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farm data

037: Farm Analytics Show Where You’re Leaving Money

Today we are talking about farm analytics and how avoiding data can leave money on the table for your operation. We are joined by Katie McWhirter, Manager of Training and
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