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Data Driven

Fourteen Years’ Data Guide Darle Elkin’s Decisions Darle Elkin used to man Air Force nuclear weapon guidance systems, so it’s probably not surprising that his tractor cab looks like Houston
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Building the Blocks

A successful crop means checking your work to track trends. Blocks have always been linked to learning. As children, we used blocks to build, testing our theories about the world
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Who Owns The Knowledge?

Agronomically, most of us are “land grant” educated. Land grant universities were established with the Morrill Act in 1860’s and served to make higher education affordable to the masses, including
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Soil Type ≠ Silver Bullet

We’re fortunate in the U.S. to have digitized soils. What historically used to be contained in a book of maps is available in electronic form. Literally, every precision ag platform
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Best Average Rate Costs Profits!

Long before GPS was part of our acronym vocabulary, my early agriculture career started in eastern Iowa and northern Illinois. On one of those scorching hot July days, as you
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And The Winner Is…

Yield results are in and every plot or trial has an overall winner! Winning a plot isn’t easy. Sometimes, luck is involved. Years ago, one of our customers measured the
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