Access All of Your Maps Anytime, Anywhere

The DataView™ app connects you to key agronomic attributes on all of your acres, accessible anytime from anywhere, right in the palm of your hand. DataView allows you to select maps from your enrolled acres on your smartphone and can be downloaded anywhere a data signal is available. Available for download from the iTunes Store or Google Play, search for Premier Crop Systems DataView. Simply select a spot on the field and you’ll see details on 21 different attributes including:

  • Breakeven Cost/bushel
  • As-applied N, P, K, S
  • Field trial treatments
  • Soil type
  • Seeding rates
  • Variety
  • Soil test OM, pH, P, K, CEC and more
  • Five year yield history maps
  • Plus more

DataView Mobile

In this market it is crucial for you to see where in your field you can maximize yield or manage inputs. With DataView Mobile you can visually see where a field is profitable with the breakeven cost-per-bushel attribute and it allows you to pin areas in your field to share with your agronomic advisor.

Dataview mobile

DataView Web

Now more than ever it’s important to see which parts of your field maximize profits. As you scroll over each part of your field in 0.75, 2 or 4 acre blocks you can visually see breakeven cost-per-bushel benefits.

DataView web also allows you to pin specific field areas, take notes and print notes to create a discussion sheet with your advisor. This technology, visually, combining agronomics and economics is un-matched.