Access to the data portion of this Web site is restricted. Only Premier Crop’s Customers and certain Producers are entitled to such access. This Agreement sets forth the terms that apply when a Customer or Producer accesses confidential individual or pooled data from this site. Additionally, the terms and conditions in the Terms of Use Agreement apply under this Agreement. If you are entitled to access individual or pooled data by virtue of your status as a Customer of Premier Crop or if you are a producer who is entitled to individual data because of your relationship with a Premier Crop Customer, you may obtain a personal password to access certain data from this site. In this Agreement, we will refer to these individuals as “Customers” and “Producers.” As you know, Premier Crop Systems is a crop information/precision farming data processing center that provides analytical services to its Customers and their participating Producers. We believe that one of the key things that distinguishes us from our competitors is our philosophy about data and how it should be treated.

  1. Premier Crop’s Policy on Individual Data. “Individual data” is data pertaining to a specific plot of land and submitted to Premier Crop pursuant to the authorization of an individual who has the right to collect and submit the data for that land. Such an individual may be the farmer, operator, and/or owner of the land. We call this individual a “Producer.” The Producer usually authorizes submission of individual data to Premier Crop through a Premier Crop Customer, such as a retailer, seed advisor, or crop consultant. It is the responsibility of the Customer who provides data to Premier Crop to obtain the appropriate permission from the Producer to do so before submitting data. From our perspective, we consider individual data to belong to the Producer—not Premier Crop. We believe the Producer—not Premier Crop—should control who has access to that data. Premier Crop will only disclose individual data to the following:
    • The Producer – the individual who authorized data submission to Premier Crop in the first place.     Producers only have access to their own individual data.
    • Premier Crop’s Customer – the individual who actually submitted the individual data on behalf of the Producer.
  2. Because we believe individual data belongs to the Producer, it will not be disclosed, sold, given away, or otherwise transferred without the Producer’s written permission. Moreover, if a Producer requests that his or her data be removed from Premier Crop’s system we can, and will, honor that request. We will not keep a copy of the data. Because we believe individual data is confidential, we will use reasonable precautions to safeguard its confidentiality. Because we believe that Producers and Customers also share in the responsibility to keep data confidential, we ask that you use reasonable precautions to safeguard the privacy of your password (and therefore your data). Contact us if you need us to deactivate your password and issue you a new one.
  3. Premier Crop’s Policy on Pooled Data. “Pooled data” consists of aggregated individual data. When a Producer authorizes submission of his or her data to Premier Crop through a Premier Crop Customer, he or she also authorizes the data to be pooled with that from other Producers and grants to Premier Crop the right to use and pool the data and disseminate the pooled data to Premier Crop Customers. Agronomic data and economic data (costs, etc.) is pooled with other like data sets from similar operations. A given Producer’s individual data will, however, remain anonymous and identifying information, such as latitude/longitude values, Producer name, farm name , etc will be removed to maintain confidentiality. Pooled data is confidential and proprietary information. Pooled data carries with it additional and unique confidentiality and use concerns and restrictions. Unlimited or unauthorized disclosure of pooled data could be detrimental to the business and financial interests of Premier Crop and its Customers. This confidential information is a valuable and unique asset of Premier Crop and its Customers, providing them with a competitive advantage. Access to Pooled Data is Limited. Because of the confidential and proprietary nature of pooled data, only Premier Crop and its Customers will have access to it. A Producer who is entitled to, and desires to see and use, pooled data must do so through a Premier Crop Customer authorized to share the pooled data with that Producer. A Producer’s access to pooled data is strictly for the Producer’s own business purpose and Producers must agree not to disclose pooled data to others.
  4. Data Limitations—particularly Pooled Data. Like all data, individual and pooled data has its limitations. It is important that you understand the data, how to interpret it, and its limitations. For example, a correlation demonstrated by data may not be indicative of a cause-effect relationship. Furthermore, some attributes cannot reasonably be measured and so they are estimated, interpolated, averaged, or arrived at by some other means. The risk of drawing incorrect conclusions from data is higher with pooled data than individual data. Premier Crop does not, and cannot, warrant certain results from your use of the data it provides. Additionally, in any endeavor that is dependent on data—there is risk of human and machine error—ranging from a data entry error (yours or ours) to technological problems. While Premier Crop cannot guarantee perfection, it is committed to taking every reasonable step and precaution to help ensure that it consistently provides reliable and valid data. It is important to our business to do so. Read the Terms of Use Agreement for important warranty disclaimer and limitation of liability terms that apply and are incorporated here into this Agreement by reference.
  5. Agreement on use. By entering my password and proceeding to other pages on this web site to retrieve data, I acknowledge that I have read this Agreement and the Terms of Use Agreement and agree to be bound by the terms of both Agreements. I also specifically agree:
    • that my individual data, if any, may be pooled by Premier Crop;
    • to use data obtained from Premier Crop only in connection with my own farming operation or otherwise consistent with my role as a Premier Crop Customer or participating Producer;
    • to not disclose pooled data to others unless authorized;
    • to take reasonable precautions to safeguard my password;
    • to abide by the terms in the this Agreement and in the Terms of Use Agreement.