Today we are talking about a grower’s experience with analytics and precision ag. We are joined by Aaron Seifert, Business Development Manager for Premier Crop Systems.

About Aaron: Aaron is a lifelong farm kid from Southern Minnesota. His my family still farms up there, they have livestock, as well as, row crop operations. Aaron’s in-laws farm in central Iowa. As a Business Development Manager for Premier Crop he has the opportunity to help a bunch of different farming operations, with precision ag. Aaron’s career history has been with the hardware side of precision ag. He’s dealt a lot with third-party hardware applications and has now shifted to the software side.

In this episode we cover:

  • Misconceptions about Ag Data
  • Cutting Inputs With Tight Margins
  • Analyzing Good and Bad Spots in the Field
  • The Evolution of Data over the Last 100 years
  • Improving Yields Using Historical Data
  • How Premier Crop Differentiates Through Advising

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